Dear Depression,

I’m writing to tell you that your time in my life is over. You have became a weight that I refuse to carry any longer. This may be disappointing to you to know, but I found someone else. His name is Joy He also goes by Love, you may know Him by “Elohim” . He’s all that I need and I no longer have space in my heart for you to dwell. You have been suffocating me and I can’t stand the sight of you. You have done nothing, but waste my precious time. Everything always has to revolve around you. You’re selfish and it’s time to start thinking about greater. You’re just holding me back from living my life. It’s like with Him “I Can Do All Things”. All you do is lie to me all the time. You always put me down even when I’m trying my best. You told me that life wasn’t worth living and that I have no purpose in life, but I saw it.. I saw my purpose and it was beautiful and selfless and everything that’s opposite of who you are. He opened my eyes and showed me everything you said I wasn’t. I’m sure your pretty enraged right now because you realize that you’re never getting me back, but you can’t touch me anymore because I won’t allow it and even if I did, He won’t allow it. I’ve been “made free so I am free indeed.” Your schemes don’t work anymore. Your lies don’t fool me anymore. You try to hide yourself behind others. You try to portray yourself as something fulfilling, but you just leave an emptiness inside. I had to cut you off because I don’t want my future kids around you. I wouldn’t want them to even know you. I don’t want the ones I love to see me turn into you. So it ends here. It ends with me and goes no further. I know you thought you would have more time, so did I. You thought you had more generations to go, but it stops here with no strings attached. The locks are already changed and your residue is cleaned out and my heart is shining bright like never before. Take your memories with you I won’t be needing them. You wasted years of my life, but the time I have left here will be spent selflessly. They will be spent uncovering your tricks and showing others that they can leave you, just as I did. My life will no longer be controlled by you, but rather yielded to the one who created it. He is the Lord of lords , the King of kings and He has called me out of your darkness into His marvelous light. I’m NEVER going back.


Daughter of the King

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