Alone, but in good company

Perhaps you find yourself in a place of solitude this season or maybe you just feel alone in a room full of people thinking none of them could possibly relate to what you’re going through or feeling. In no way shape or form is this a fun season, but it’s definitely a necessary one. “Why?” It’s necessary because this is where God breaks spiritual paralysis in your life. This is where you learn to depend on God alone. This is where you learn to pour yourself out to God and not other people. This is your time to grow and to hear directly from God. “What if God is silent?” God’s silence doesn’t mean God’s absence. This can also be a season where God is testing your faith to see if you really trust Him when He says “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” We have to know as His children that He is Jehovah-Shammah, He is ever present! If we can sense the presence of our carnal parents without them speaking, how much more should we be able to feel the presence of God? God has chosen to take us out of a mediocre relationship with Him even if that means stripping away everything that we have chosen to put before Him. Silence can sometimes feel deafening, but what are you doing in the absence of others? Are you seeking after your friends or something to do or are you seeking the face of God? It’s easy to become discouraged and leave room for the enemy to feed you lies if you aren’t filling your free time with more of God. I have gone through it, the feeling as If nobody gets me, the feeling that God has forgotten about me, feeling like I’m just stuck, but it gets better. When you open your spiritual eyes and embrace your alone time with God you will realize the privilege it is. He loves you enough to do what you wouldn’t do yourself, take out time for you. He is in a constant pursuit of our hearts. He isn’t satisfied with just hearing from us in a church service like we are at times. He wants more of us and not only that He wants all of us. When we can mean it when we say “God here I am I don’t have anything else, but I surrender myself to you.” God will flood into all that space you just made for Him.

So I pray today that all the empty space in your life will be filled with more of God. I pray that today you will ask God to open up your spiritual eyes and to help your unbelief. I pray that you will embrace every moment you have with just you and God and that you will become the powerful vessel He is calling you to be, in Jesus name, Amen.


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