Self Reflecting

It’s crazy to me looking back at everything I have been through and overcame. I see that where I was isn’t where I am today. Knowing that because of God and His grace, mercy and love in my life I am walking into greater. The best is yet before me and I believe it and I feel it and I’m confident in whom has control and the final word in my life. I’m convinced that there is nothing I could ever do and no decision I could ever make that God wouldn’t intervene in. I belong to God and I see his hand covering me every single day of my life. There has been so much that I have had to let go, surrender and unlearn. There has been tough times, times where I’ve wanted to walk away and give up on God and give up on myself, But God has always brought me right back to where He wants me. I’ve overcome addictions, unveiled a lot of feelings I’ve always kept hidden and I am definitely still a work in progress, but I’m proud of who I am today. There’s no criticism or judgement that could ever make me see myself less than what God calls me. I know what God brought me out of. I know the identity the devil wants me to wear, but that’s not who I am. I’m not what I’ve done and I’m not defined by my environment. God says I’m the product of steps ordained by Him and He makes everything work for the good. He’s the God that turns things around and cleans up our disasters. He’s the God that leaves the 99 to find the 1. He’s the God that loves us even when we can’t love ourselves. He’s the God that kills your plans before they kill you. Because of that I’m forever grateful. I’m thankful for the no’s in my life and only God knows all the plans I had for myself and come to find out He already had his own plans mapped out for me. I still struggle, I still battle sometimes, but I have peace knowing the battle has already been won for me and that there are better days ahead. I love who God is creating in me even if nobody else knows what God has done in my heart, I know and He knows how forever grateful I am, knowing that I don’t deserve it and yet He chose to die for my sins and to love me for eternity.

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