I haven’t wrote much lately so this is probably going to be messy, but here I am, mess and all. My thoughts have been everywhere lately and although I have so much to say, I have just been too lazy. So tonight I have decided to start being transparent again and not keeping everything bottled in. So I was inspired by the song “Free” by Kierra Sheard to write “Delivered”. To talk about my being delivered from depression experience.

I have always had my coming in and out of depression seasons. Some have been longer than others, but I always knew that it was going to come back. I embraced the happy and feeling like I was on top of the world moments and dreaded the feeling like dying ones. It was almost as if being christian made it a thousand times worse to deal with. “But God sets us free, how could you even say that!” easy, because now as a christian with the knowledge that I have and the calling over my life the devil attacks harder than before. As a non christian And non believer I was just being a puppet to the enemy, but now that I know that God has plans and a purpose for me like He said in JEREMIAH 29:11 the enemy try’s ever harder to convince me otherwise and to destroy me because I’m actually a threat now. The enemy is truly after my mind and I am at constant war with believing what the enemy says and remembering who God says I am, but I know who has the victory. So sometime in August in youth service we had an awesome preacher of the house bring the word and as he was speaking I was thinking “wow this is for me”. Little did I know a little bit later in the preaching he calls my name to come sit at a little table he set up for the preaching and I was in shock and froze for a second, but a couple seconds later I was able to make my way out the bench and as I walked to the chair I started to cry. “God, he doesn’t even know me or anything about me, I know this is you!” As I sat down I just couldn’t contain myself and how great God is and how much He truly loves us and pays attention to us and how He is all knowing and all powerful. So the preacher continued with his message and every word spoken penetrated my heart and my mind and then He called the First Lady of our church to come help him pray for me. Immediately she came and placed her hands on my mind and then he began to pray aloud. He was rebuking and declaring and brought up things that actually happened that I never told anyone about. I didn’t feel different immediately after, but I was in awe of God and just thanked Him for what He was doing in me. It wasn’t until recently that I was thinking “wow I haven’t felt like that in a while!” I have been falling asleep with no problems and being able to wake up without wishing I didn’t or wanting to cry. I have had such a peace in my mind that I’ve never had before. I believe that from that day forward that spirit will never torment me again. I give God glory all the time because I know He loves me enough to deliver me from the darkness. I am not perfect and I still go through other battles but that was one huge battle that I can say has been conquered once and for all. I just want to encourage you if you’re reading this and you are suffering from depression, anxiety or panic attacks, don’t keep it to yourself. As much of a bother the enemy tries to make you feel at times there are people who want to help. There are people who will pray for you and with you. There is a God who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ever ask or imagine. God called us to be healed, set free, and delivered. Sometimes it takes a season of darkness to help us appreciate the light! Where ever you are in life whether it’s in your valley or your mountain top, God is there! His peace is able to fill you no matter the circumstances. I know this because I’ve experienced His love and His peace and there is nothing and nobody like Him! So Tonight I pray deliverance over you no matter what the battle is, and I pray Gods peace that surpasses all understanding over your life and situation, in Jesus name! Amen! I pray this testimony was a blessing .

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