Only Human

One of the worst feelings in the world for me is knowing that I might just be setting myself up for failure. It’s one thing for God to lead you somewhere and another thing for the devil to attack, but it’s a whole different feeling when you think you are setting yourself up for pain, failure, heartbreak etc. What is it about our human nature that wants to do what we want to do? Why is it that I allow certain situations to rise and to open the door to a place where God didn’t call me to? It’s like I know the promise God has over my life, I know the abundant life He promised me and somehow I get satisfied with my own plans. I get to a place where I don’t really want the promise anymore I just want to make my own life as if I could plan it out better than God. It’s a sucky feeling when you grow comfortable and accustom to making your own decisions and ignoring the voice of God because then you start to forget what Gods voice sounds like. Now there’s so many other voices and I’m not sure I can’t decipher which one is God’s. Now I’m in this state where I can’t figure out what my mind thinks and what God says. I don’t know exactly where to go from here , but I do know the best thing is to silence the world for a moment, separate some time with God and pray for God to interrupt your plans, pray that the Holy Spirit invades you and guides you because one more wrong step could be harmful to your life, harmful to your heart, harmful to your soul. If this is you today, reflect on what moves you been making without God. Think of the plans and decisions that have been made out of your flesh and ask God for wisdom. He can turn things around for the good, we are never too far for Him to reach,  we are never too lost for Him to find and the bible says “if we knock the door will be opened.” Let us not have to learn the hard way, let us not continue in that pattern, but stop and really wait on that still small voice to direct us. Lord help ME to be still! Help me to just STOP trying to do it all on my own. I believe you’re able I believe your ways are higher, but faith without works is dead even if the work is simply being still and taking my hands off the situation

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