Dear younger me,

  I’m writing to tell you that it gets better. Life isn’t going to always be a battle to survive. It’s okay if so-called friends leave you, your going to meet some people that will be more like family who will love you unconditionally! Don’t doubt that God is real because He’s always and will always be with you. Please be careful with who and what you give your ear to because you just might find yourself questioning your identity and losing yourself. Don’t be afraid to go against the current because just like in an ocean if you let the current take you you’ll drown. Don’t forget your value and never settle for less. Don’t look for love in boys because they will let you down, you have plenty of time for that. Strive for greatness and don’t be a quitter! Follow Gods plan for your life not your own, His plans are always greater. Surround yourself with people you want to be like the ones who will help you grow and avoid people with no potential. Think before you act because bad decisions can be fatal when the devil is seeking to find whom he can devour. Don’t depend on temporary reliefs. If you have to feel something feel it, don’t go to drugs, alcohol and sex to numb you. Addictions are waiting to swallow you up. Never give up you’re going to be the light in someone’s darkness and you will know that everything you’ve endured wasn’t in vain. Everything you have gone through and will go through is adding meaning and wisdom to your life. Live everyday like it’s your last tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Have patience with your parents they won’t be around forever. Your mom is your biggest fan and wants to see you doing better than she ever did. Dads can be so clueless, forgive them. Remember leadership isn’t a title it’s a lifestyle. Don’t allow people to determine your value only God can do that and He thinks your to die for. Smile more and worry less. Make your mark on the world you’re never too young! 

Brianna’s blog

Hey guys my name is Brianna I am twenty-three and I started this blog to pour into others all that I have stored up. I want to release what I have been filled with. I want to bless others with the experiences I have overcame.  I want to be the light in someone’s dark world. I Want to show people who are going through what I been through that it gets better. I hope this will edify your lives whether it’s a poem or a story or just a bible verse of the day.  Feedback is more than welcome!